#MillionsMissing 2022

Our common thread can change the story. 

#MEAction and the ME/CFS community invites you to join us in demanding health equity for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). We especially invite those with Long COVID and other under-resourced complex, chronic conditions to participate.

While everyone gets sick at some point in their lives, some people never get better. Some people get sick and stay sick. They often are hanging by a thread in our society, our institutions, our healthcare systems. These are the #MillionsMissing. 

In May, we will broaden the story around chronic illness through the connections–a common thread— we all share. If we tell the story clearly as individuals in a global movement, we can rise in a wave of power that will create a moral mandate for change.

In September we will tie our common threads together by taking to the streets and campaigning from our beds to demand the systemic change needed for health equity for the #MillionsMissing.

Uniting our common Thread

Why Stories and Press?

The more that we discover about the causes and symptoms of ME/CFS, Long COVID, and other under-resourced complex, chronic illnesses the more we know that they are deeply connected. Unfortunately, a part of this connection is that medicine, research, and public institutions have, systemically, left millions of us without recognition, treatment, or support for decades

That’s why we have to change the narrative. Every movement before us that has successfully mobilized millions of people, did so by changing the narrative on a broad scale. #MEAction has always been working towards this moment, and since COVID-19 hit in 2020 we have had our story covered in New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Vox, CNN, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and many other outlets. Because of this unique moment in time, we have an opportunity to use the power of storytelling to change the system for good- but it will take all of us joining forces to truly make the impact we all deserve.

#MillionsMissing #MillionsMissing #MillionsMissing

Join US

May 12th Event

On May 12th, 2022, we will come together using a global, virtual  #MillionsMissing event, as well as other events on and offline to share our stories, art, and the urgency of the moment in order to build collective solidarity and a narrative for broad scale change. Join us! 

Join US

September Event

In September we will tie our common threads together by taking to the streets and campaigning from our beds to demand the systemic change needed for health equity for the #MillionsMissing. Sign up here to get updates about our IN-PERSON DEMONSTRATION! 

JoiN uS To change the Narrative

Activism and Storytelling Events

Join us in training and events that will prepare us to be better activists and storytellers- and make our impact last! 

See our panel discussion after the Not Going Quietly screening, featuring the film’s director, Nick Bruckman, and activist Tracey Corder. This panel was moderated by ME activist Terri Wilder.

Telling your story is a cornerstone of this year’s #MillionsMissing! To help you prepare we have the video of the Storytelling Training by Kirsten Farrell from the Goodman Center, a ME & Long COVID fact-sheet, the slides from the training, and a one-page guide

 A strong photo is integral to capturing the attention on social media and the press. To help you with this project, we offered a Take A Perfect Photo workshop run by Lucia Doynel. You can now watch the video of this training. 

We are thrilled to launch another virtual choir. Please sign up now to join in for a chance to participate for #MillionsMissing. Get the details here! 

You inspire us with your art all year long. Please join us for a day of community on May 16th as we experience the beautiful art you have to offer. Are you an experienced artists? A first time writer? All are welcome here. 

We are excites to announce that #MillionsMissing
t-shirts are now available. Shop here!  

Access graphics to help spread the word about the #MillionsMissing.

Letters to the Editors are a great way to get published and can be a powerful advocacy tool for the #MillionsMissing. We have toolkits for both the US, UK, & Scotland.

Donate to #MEAction, so we can continue to support the #MillionsMissing for years to come!