Letter to the Editor

We want to expand our press outreach to local papers across the globe and this is where you come in! This year, in preparation for #MillionsMissing week, we are asking for people to send letters to the editors for their local papers. Letters to the Editors are a great way to get published and can be a powerful advocacy tool.

You can even start this action right away! The more press, the better! 

Scroll down to access the US, UK, & Scotland Letter to the Editor Toolkits.

Not in the US, UK or Scotland? Not too worry- use these templates to create what you need for your country!


letter to the editor

Letters to the Editors are important


  1. You can reach a large audience.
  2. Great way to start a conversation around an issue that is important to you.
  3. Helpful way to educate and spread awareness about ME.
  4. Letters to the Editors are often monitored by elected officials.
  5. Letter to the Editors are a great way to catch the attention of journalists at the newspaper who may write a full article.


letter to the editor