US Action: Sign Letter to US Surgeon General

With a new administration comes opportunities to encourage new government officials to become champions for ME. One government official we want to gain the attention of is America’s Doctor, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

Dr. Murthy recently wrote a book, Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World, highlighting how important it is to find community and build a more connected world. This book caught #MEAction’s attention because one of this year’s themes for #MillionsMissing is You Are Not Alone. Our goal is to remind the ME community and the long COVID community, you are not alone – there is a large, supportive community here for you on your ME or post-viral illness journey.

As the majority of the ME community is homebound and unable to work, plus stigmatized from the lack of knowledgeable doctors or treatment options, our community deals with incredible isolation and despair. The long COVID community is beginning to experience this as well. In his role as Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy can help to combat the massive social isolation the ME community struggles with because of persisting stigmatization and the overwhelming lack of education on ME.

Since Dr. Murthy wrote a book talking about the importance of community to combat loneliness, he is in an unique position to recognize that not only community but actual action by the federal government can play a significant role in ending the loneliness and struggles felt by the ME community. We hope he will become a champion for us within the federal government. 

That is why #MEAction is asking you to sign this community letter to Dr. Murthy to request that he do at least one of these actions:

Here are ways he can show support:

Tweet out his support: “I support the #MillionsMissing from #MECFS. #YouAreNotAlone in your fight for health equity.”

Agree to a meeting with the #MEAction community: Ben HsuBorger, Director of US Advocacy for #MEAction has requested a meeting to discuss ME, the challenges this community faces, and how he can help us raise awareness and advocate for treatments. 

#MEAction will continue to push on any lever we can until there is real change for the ME community. Together we will make sure America’s Doctor recognizes the #MillionsMissing, the #MillionsMore being diagnosed and stands up proudly to say to the ME community: “You Are Not Alone”.