UK Action: Decorate your Window

Once again, #MillionsMissing will be virtual this year. While we are sad we can’t meet in person, there are still some fun, artistic ways we can spread awareness and show our support for those with ME! It is time to take our creativity and activism to the windows!

That’s right, this #MillionsMissing, we thought it would be fun to show our support by decorating our windows! This is a great way to gain attention from those walking or driving by! Here are a few decorating ideas to share with you, ranging from simple to a more complex, stencil decoration idea. 

Simple Ways To Decorate Your Window:

  • Hang a previous #MillionsMissing Shirt in your window. 
  • Using a poster board and markers, make a sign showing your support for the #MillionsMissing, the #MilionsMore who will be diagnosed with ME, and to show the ME community they are not alone!
  • Print our one of already designed posters to hang in your window.

Add Light: Use fairy lights to hang up in the windows to draw attention to your window design. 

Window Stencil Decoration:
Using the stencil idea from Window Wanderland, create a #MillionsMissing design to hang in your windows. There are some great video tutorials on their page to help you. 

You might find the following useful:

There are lots of websites where you can find free printable silhouettes of letters  or people, from the very simple to the more intricate.

There are also window decoration kits available from the Window Wanderland online shop

If you are looking for a #MillionsMissing-specific stencil design, we have created a fews images for you to use. You can select a 1 page or 2 page template and choose between two different types of “paper doll people”. Access those images here.

What is great about this design is that once it becomes night, the light through the tissue paper really highlights your design. 

  1. Print out the image of the line of people. You can do this once or several times, depending on the size of your window (and your time, energy and printer ink levels!)
  2. Cut out the silhouettes of the line(s) of people.
  3. Measure and cut out a piece of tracing paper or greaseproof paper to fit your window
  4. Stick your cut out silhouettes to the tracing/greaseproof paper.
  5. Cut strips of black card or paper to make a frame for your design. Glue these around the edges of the tracing/greaseproof paper.
  6. Attach the tracing/greaseproof paper to the window using clear sticky tape. The cutout silhouettes and frame should face out of the window.
  7. Cover the back of your window display with red tissue paper (again using clear sticky tape) Wait until til dark then enjoy the view!

Share on Social Media:
Please make sure to take a picture of your window design and share on social media! Make sure to tag @MEActNetUK and use hashtag #MillionsMissing. If you have space you can include our additional hashtags: #MillionsMore & #YouAreNotAlone

Here is a sample social media message: “To all the #MillionsMissing, #YouAreNotAlone! You are in our hearts, our minds, and even our windows! @MEActNetUK”