Pillowcase Decoration Project

#MillionsMissing 2023 will take place on the National Mall on May 12th, 2023! 

We will place rows and rows of beds by the Washington Monument to represent the millions of people suffering from ME and Long COVID. The US government is “ending” the public health emergency, but it hasn’t ended for the millions of people with Long COVID as a result of the pandemic, and it hasn’t ended for the millions of people sick with ME before the pandemic ever started. 

You can be a direct part of the art installation by mailing in a pillowcase with a design on it. You can be as creative as you want with your design, or you can keep it simple. It is all completely up to you and the spoons available.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Write your name on the pillowcase (unless you would like to remain anonymous). 
  • Write the year you got sick.
  • Write a personal note to the government, write a poem, draw, use an iron on image. Get as creative as you like. This is your opportunity to express yourself. 
  • Purchase a white or red pillow case. 
  • Take a photo or do a video creating your pillowcase and share on social media. Tag @meactnet and use the hashtag #MillionsMissing and #PillowStory. We will be sharing with others for inspiration.
  • Look at this Pinterest board for additional ideas. 


  • Mail your pillowcase to:
    KSE Productions
    680 Rhode Island Ave, NE #519B
    Washington, DC 20002
  • Your pillowcase package needs to be received by May 10th, 2023. Please plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to mail it. We recommend mailing it a week before OR even earlier if possible, to ensure it arrives in time.
  • We will not be able to mail your pillowcase back. 
  • Anyone from any country can send in a pillowcase to be represented in the art installation. 

Not able to make it to the post office? No worries–you can still participate! Take a photo or video of the pillowcase you have designed and share it on social media. We will be sharing videos and photos of the pillowcases leading up to #MillionsMissing and also on Friday, May 12th!

If you have questions about this project, please email [email protected]