We are thrilled to announce our vision for #MillionsMissing 2024!

This year, we are launching a national campaign to educate hospital systems and medical schools about ME/CFS by encouraging medical schools to Teach ME, and major hospitals to Treat ME. Our goal is to hold in-person events at these institutions the week of May 3rd to May 12th.

Our goal is to offer solutions and ultimately build partnerships with these hospital systems to create change. The tenor of this #MillionMissing will be geared towards forging new alliances and working together to transform healthcare for people with ME. This is not a protest against hospital systems or medical schools. 

We encourage cities around the world to join #MEAction in creating their own #TeachMETreatME events. We also recognize that you understand your local healthcare systems best, and support doing what is right for you and your community.

WE NEED YOU to help pull off a campaign at this scale! Like so many #MillionsMissings before, our success rests on our collective shoulders.

Closeup of a red cot that shows the #MEAction logo and the words "Still Here, Still Sick" on the lawn in front of the Washington Monument.
A group of people obscured by umbrellas that collectively read "#MillionsMissing."

Here’s how you can make a difference this #MillionsMissing!

Organize an event at a major hospital system

The short-term goal of each event will be to provide information on ME to the hospital system, with educational materials available on-site. The tone will be strong but approachable, and messaging will offer solutions. Our ultimate goal is to build relationships with leadership in these healthcare systems to help them update and transform care for ME at their institution.

#MEAction has identified high-priority locations chosen for their reach and influence as well as those that address underserved and minoritized groups.  We also welcome your suggestions for sites. 

If you are interested in helping work at an on-site event, please fill out the form below– even if we’ve already spoken to you. Those joining us globally: We encourage advocates outside the US to use this general model as well, and also understand that the shape of MillionsMissing depends strongly on local politics and local medical practice!

* Please note that #MEAction staff will be reaching out to the hospitals in the US to establish a connection before individual advocates. This will help ensure there are no duplicative efforts! 

* #MEAction strongly recommends masking within hospitals and medical schools during indoor events.

Organize an event at a medical school

Our goal is to set up medical education events at medical schools.

For providers in the US, we ask them to take our CME, recently released by Mayo Clinic Rochester and #MEAction. The tenor of these events will be similar to the #MillionsMissing events being held at hospitals with well-designed signage and bright colors. The goal will be to have medical education available on-site via our Mayo Clinic Proceedings CME, and to have materials oriented to medical students, such as our Anking medical education flashcards. 

This is an excellent opportunity to directly educate medical students and university staff about ME/CFS across the country, and hopefully encourage medical schools to incorporate ME education into their curriculum.

Fill out the interest form and access resources:

When you fill out the interest form, we’ll know where you’re available to advocate. It’s the first step we use to determine interest in a particular part of the country, and helps us choose locations.

Then, take a look at our resources: our presentations on #MillionsMissing and our previous work with Mayo, and the video of our recent information session.

Next, you’ll receive an email connecting you to others looking to run an event in your area!

Support the mission from home

There is work to be done from home all over the world!  We need your networking skills, your fundraising prowess, and your voice on social media to spread the message to #TeachMETreatME. We have brainstormed a list of ways for our community to show up on social media with creativity and impact, which we will be sharing with you in the New Year. Stay tuned!  

If you’d like to participate in #MillionsMissing this year, we need your support in ways both big and small.  You can commit to a big action or register your interest in helping out with small tasks or liaising with your local group! Click here:

2024 #MillionsMissing