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Millions Missing Update

#MillionsMissing 2020

May 12th

#MillionsMissing has always had strong, virtual activism. This year is no different. #MillionsMissing 2020 will be entirely virtual. 

Soon we will be announcing our lineup for our #MillionsMissing Events that will take place via Bluejeans and Facebook Live on May 12th. Check back shortly for more info.

A virtual event can still involve t-shirts! Check out the new #MillionsMissing t-shirts here

**Unfortunately, there are many things outside of our control this year and we are not shipping t-shirts as usual. COVID-19 may disrupt shipping in certain countries. Teespring is a third party company and we are not able to intervene on your behalf for shirts. We do encourage you to order quickly to increase the likelihood that you will receive your order on time for May 12th!