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Participate in the 2018 #MillionsMissing with #MEACTION

Saturday, MAY 12th, 2018

#MillionsMissing is a global campaign for ME health equality. Help us make noise this year by hosting a Visibility Action in your state or country!

The Plan

This May 12th, patients, families, and allies will gather around the globe to demand action for people living with ME. #MEAction #MillionsMissing visibility actions will inundate social media. Key figures and organizations from ally communities, such as disability rights and chronic illness, will join our fight and bolster our message at in-person events and on social media. Scientists, medical professionals and elected officials will also join in, creating the biggest rally cry yet for ME equality.

The overall goals for our day of action are:

  • To Be Seen: We will make ourselves visible and share our stories in order to grow our movement.
  • To Build Community: We will organize patients, caregivers, allies, doctors, scientists, and elected officials in order to build power.
  • To Demand Concrete Action: We will select clear targets in each of our countries and demand specific, concrete action to create the greatest possible, unified outcry for change.

Accessible activism

Visibility Actions can be in-person or virtual; engage a handful of friends in your front yard or hundreds of activists and community partners; on the scale of an entire city, a neighborhood, church or community center, or a single powerful photograph of you in your bed, echoed in the photographs of thousands. You can sign one of our petitions, share your story on social media, or be civilly disobedient. Our goal is to have as many different types of visibility actions across the globe as possible on and around May 12th! It's our hope that this range of actions can allow as many people as possible to participate, at whatever level works for you, your body, your community.

We also encourage all local organizers to think about how, within the constraints of their own abilities, they can work to make their activism accessible to people living with a wide range of disabilities. This guide is a useful resource.

To learn more about #MillionsMissing, go here: What is #MillionsMissing?

Collaborate Globally, Act Locally

Organizers around the world are collaborating and crafting national-level strategies. To join in, find your national or local #MEAction group. As an example of specific, concrete targets, view the US Step-by-Step Guide. (We'll be adding more countries soon.)

United States

In the US, we aim to have at least one visibility action in all 50 states and target Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and individual members of Congress. Learn more.

Get Started

#MEAction is ready to help you host a #MillionsMissing Visibility Action on May 12th!

We are in this together, and all events (big or small) help to gain worldwide attention, put pressure on global health officials, and show our governments that we want change. We’ve listed out options to help walk you through your event. You should choose the level of event that makes the most sense to you! If you are a PWME, we suggest focusing on a smaller event or partner with allies on a larger event. We know this fight will be long and hard, so sustainability is key! Ultimately you know your body best so pick one of the levels from our Step-by Step guide that works best for you. When we organize and fight for our rights, we run the risking of crashing. We appreciate the support and collaboration of our able-bodied allies.

First, see our tools. Once you’ve read through the materials, register here: