#MillionsMissing Local Events F.A.Q.

While we are not emphasizing in-person May events, please note that some international and local participants of #MillionsMissing are welcome to do in-person and virtual events in May and we support this effort, as area-specific needs vary greatly! 

Yes, there can be. While we do recommend signing up to attend the already planned in-person or virtual event in your area, there can be more than one local event per city. Naming conventions for events will be determined with each registration on a case-by-case basis.

We will review in-person or virtual event registration applications on a first come, first serve basis. Our goal is to get to them as soon as we can. Please wait 72 weekday hours before checking on your registration.

Registering your in-person or virtual events allows us to add the event to our events calendar, so others in the community and public can find and attend your event.

If you are hosting a virtual event, we can provide you with a link to host your event on the virtual platform, BlueJeans.

We are aiming to capture as much data as possible to know where we are growing, making an impact, and mobilizing for change.

Creating a Facebook Event is not a requirement. We are encouraging Local Event Leads to create Facebook Events as it provides the opportunity to communicate with attendees and share messages prior to the event.

In order to prevent confusion, only events open to the public will be listed on the #MEAction website.