#MillionsMissing 2024 FAQ

  1. Can the “Teach ME / Treat ME” campaign be used internationally and not just within the US?

    Yes! We are encouraging advocates outside the US to use this general model as well, but we also understand that the shape of international #MillionsMissing events will depend strongly on your local healthcare system. Read more about event descriptions with more details here.

  2. Can I reach out on my own to hospitals or schools to host an event?

    #MEAction asks everyone interested in hosting an event at a local hospital or school to please fill out the Interest Form to let us know where you are located and where you are interested in hosting an event. This helps to ensure we don’t have multiple people reaching out to the same institutions, and so we can help connect local volunteers. 

  3. If I only help support and not lead an event, how will I be put in touch with others in my area?

    Please fill out the Interest Form, and we can connect you with the team organizing in your area. You can indicate your level of interest and involvement on the form.

  4. Are there different types of medical educational events that we can host?

    Yes, #MEAction recognizes that everyone’s event may look different based on the number of volunteers and your location. We have created three different event options to help you determine which size of event works best for you and your location. Read more about event descriptions with more details here.

  5. #MillionsMissing is in May. Why do we need to begin organizing now?

    It will take time to coordinate with the hospital system or medical school to host an event in May. We suggest starting the process NOW so that you can organize together as a team, decide on an institution and reach out to their coordinator as soon as possible to secure a date for May 3 – 12. We recommend aiming to contact hospitals / medical schools by early March.  

  6. When should I try to host my event at the hospitals/schools?

    #MEAction recommends hosting your #MillionsMissing event the week of Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 12th. However, we do recognize those dates may not work with your location. If that is the case, we recommend looking for any date that works during the month of May 2024 or after. Our only request is that you do not have your event before May 2024.

  7. What about masking? Do we need to wear masks at these events?

    #MEAction strongly recommends masking within hospitals and medical schools during indoor events.

  8. Do we need to wear #MillionsMissing shirts at the events?

    While we highly recommend wearing #MillionsMissing shirts or even the color red, it is not a requirement. New t-shirts will be available in the coming months.

  9. Will #MEAction provide a budget for events?

    #MEAction is not able to provide financial support for the #MillionsMissing events.

  10. Who can take the Mayo Continuing Medical Education Course? How many credits is it?

    The target audience for Mayo Clinic Proceedings CME is primarily internal medicine physicians and other clinicians who wish to advance their current knowledge of clinical medicine and who wish to stay abreast of advances in medical research. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare providers can take the one-credit CME, including doctors outside of the Mayo system. The CME is worth a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s).

  11. What if medical schools/systems only approve of Continuing Medical Education courses that have been preapproved or created by them at local events?

    If this is the case, please email our Scientific Director at [email protected], and she will help determine next steps. 

  12. If we are just handing out flyers for medical professionals to take continuing medical education events, how will we know how many people took it?

    Clinicians will be able to access the paper and the CME via a QR code. We will be tracking all clinicians who take the CME this way.